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Hybrid Mattresses

By Dan LaVine, General Manager | 03.01.2019

To start us off here, I suppose we should begin with a good working definition of "Hybrid Mattresses". A hybrid mattress features an individually pocketed coil support system, which is upholstered with a memory foam, a cooling gel foam, or a latex foam comfort layer. By definition, a hybrid must contain at least two inches of one of these types of foams. Hybrids are designed to be more durable and long lasting than conventional innerspring mattresses, and to more effectively contour to the spine's natural curves. In essence, they're designed to provide the elevated experience of sleeping on a solid-foam mattress, but without the committment to the much more expensive solid-foam price tag.

Hybrid mattresses are very popular options to pair with motion adjustable bases. The individually pocketed coil design of their support system permits the mattress to flex and contour to the base as it moves up and down. This allows you to adjust the entire bed to your desired sleeping position without tossing and turning to get comfortable. Motion adjustable bases also aid in reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea, acid reflux, and Gerd, as well as reducing the tendency to snore.

However, that doesn't mean you have to purchase an adjustable base to get the full effect of a hybrid mattress; Hybrids also function perfectly on standard platform boxsprings, and on pedastal and platform beds. The motion adjustable base is just an enhancement to your sleep experience.

In choosing the perfect hybrid for you, key factors in making your selection will be; Finding your comfort level, how much support you require, and what will comfortably fit within your budget. These points are all covered in our no-pressure in-store tour, which we have affectionately nicknamed "Mattress 101". It's a short but comprehensive breakdown of the many mattresses available at National Mattress and Furniture, along with an explanation of why you would choose one over another based on your personal comfort needs. Any of our knowledgeable customer service staff will cheerfully answer the questions you might have in finding the right hybrid mattress for you.

More than half of National Mattress and Furniture's HUGE showroom is dedicated to hybrid mattresses from the world's largest and most popular manufacturers; Serta, Sealy, Ashley Furniture, and Emerald Home Furnishings. Each hybrid mattress is offered in a variety of comfort levels, from firmer models to super soft options, enabling us to say with confidence "We really do have the perfect mattress for everyone".

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