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Learn About Memory Foam Mattress Sizes Before You Buy

By National Matress | 12.01.2016

Memory Foam Mattress Sizes

Memory foam mattresses have become popular choices for many individuals and couples. Buyers are discovering the benefits of being cradled, rather than lying on a harder, less giving surfaces at night. Memory foam can provide a better night sleep, with the user feeling more rested. It can also help reduce pain and stiffness, by shaping to the sleeper’s body, instead of supporting it with a more rigid surface. Mattress shoppers who haven't tried a memory foam mattresses may wonder if the sizes are different than the traditional mattress that they own.

Memory foam mattress sizes, in general, are the same length and width as more traditional mattresses. The memory foam mattress can be found in Twin, Twin XL, Full, , Queen, King, and California King. These sizes are available in traditional mattresses as well. Sometimes, a manufacturer may make a specific size slightly wider, but this usually doesn't affect much. A platform bed frame or box spring can usually accommodate a slightly wider mattress. These variances can easily be explained when you visit our National Mattress showroom.  For example, a twin mattress, which is usually 38" wide, may come in 39". This can happen with a traditional or a memory foam mattress.

There are some differences, with the memory foam split mattresses. They come in split Queen, split King, and split California King. The split mattresses together are designed to measure the same as the single mattresses in these sizes, whether the memory foam mattress king or memory foam mattress queen size is selected. The difference may be in the slight gap or space between the two sides, when placed on a box spring or spacing platform. Mattresses are split to accommodate small rooms, hallways, etc. where transporting a larger mattress - especially a platform are difficult or impossible.  All platforms for King or Cal King are split for that reason.

Another way memory foam mattresses differ in size, is in thickness and foam type (see our blog on memory foam mattresses for more information). Common thicknesses are 6", 8", 10", and 12". These mattresses are chosen for comfort, so some buyers may not be as concerned with thickness, especially in the 10" and 12" models. A 6" thick mattress is usually more suitable for a lighter weight person such as that of a child or as a memory foam mattress topper. It may not be the best choice for support for an adult.

Whether choosing a queen memory foam mattress or a twin XL mattress for a tall teen, construction and durability are the most important features. Those who want additional comfort may choose to top the bed with a memory foam pillow, which can conture to the head and neck in a more natural position while sleeping.

Let us help you through the many mattress choices. Visit our showroom today and test out memory foam mattress choices by the best premium brands. Memory foam has become an affordable option for every household.

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