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Napping and Sleep Rythem Science

By Dan LaVine | 11.11.2019

Daytime napping helps to restore one’s energy and alertness.

Although it is common for people in many western societies to sleep in a single consolidated block of about eight hours during the night, this is by no means the only sleep pattern. In fact, following this schedule and foregoing an afternoon nap would seem highly abnormal to many people around the world.

In many cultures, particularly those with roots in tropical regions, afternoon napping is commonplace and is built into daily routines. And although the exact timing of naps is not officially scheduled, it is not uncommon for stores and government offices to close and for many activities to stop for an hour or two every afternoon.

Afternoon nap time typically coincides with a (read more)

Mattress 101...

By Dan LaVine | 10.08.2019

Mattress 101...

What you like in a mattress is as unique as you are! Because a mattress is a major purchase, it might feel overwhelming to shop for. Don’t panic! There are several steps you can take to set yourself up for success – and ultimately a better night's rest – by doing a little research before you start shopping, and once you're at the store comparing your options.

Follow these simple suggestions for how to select the mattress of your dreams!

1. Dollars and sense. Before you research your mattress options, determine your budget and consider your personal needs. A mattress is an investment in your health and well-being.

2. Do your homework. Research your options before you go to a store (read more)

Mattress Longevity

By Dan LaVine | 09.09.2019

While conventional wisdom (and the mattress manufacturing industry) says that a bed mattress should be replaced at least every eight to 10 years, the decision is not nearly so simple. There are simply no hard-and-fast guidelines for when a mattress should be replaced since there are many variables that contribute to a mattresses wear-and-tear. A mattress that was of high quality when purchased may last longer than an economy mattress, and a mattress that rests on a box spring or has good center support may also last longer. The weight of those sleeping on a mattress can also have a major impact.

Different mattress types also have different expectations when it comes to effective lifespan, but opinions vary, depending on who is providing the rating (read more)

How artificial light affects our sleep patterns

By Dan LaVine | 07.31.2019

How artificial light affects our sleep patterns:

Whether neon numbers glare from your nightstand alarm clock, your iPhone lights up when receiving a message, or the television screen glows bright on your bedroom dresser, artificial light is all around us. While it may help us be more productive during the day, all of this artificial light comes with a cost, especially when it comes to sleep.

The Effects of Artificial Light

As lamps and indoor lights have allowed you to remain awake long past sunset, they've also caused you to move farther and farther away from natural sleep patterns. People who lived during the Industrial Age, before artificial lights, slept very differently from the way we sleep today. Many snoozed in two four-hour shifts, separated by (read more)

Sleep Noise

By Dan LaVine | 07.15.2019

Many adults assume that if they spend eight hours in bed, they are meeting their daily needs for rest and rejuvenation. What they fail to take into account however are the number of times they wake up throughout the night, or the minutes spent tossing and turning under the covers which can seriously cut down on both the quantity and quality of that sleep.

Interrupted sleep refers to sleep that is punctuated by prolonged periods of waking up throughout the night, usually at least four times over the course of eight hours. The condition can be caused by a sudden shift in routine (for example, a new baby in the house), unexpected noises (such as a party at your neighbor’s house or a partner’s snoring) (read more)