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Adjustable Base Warranty!

By Dan Lavine | 11.30.2017

National Mattress now provides a 10 year extended warranty with each of our adjustable bed bases at no additional charge to our customers. This warranty covers all materials, service, and transportation for the serviceperson to drive to and from your home in the event that your base malfunctions or has a broken component. This extended warranty begins after the pre-existing manufacturer's warranty concludes, providing assurance that if your base malfunctions or a part brakes, you will have in-home service to fix the issue at no cost to you. This additional parts-and-labor warranty would normally cost a consumer an additional $200, but National Mattress is happy to provide it free of cost to our valued customers.

Online or InStore Shopping?

By National Mattress | 09.20.2017

"Insight into the Fast-Growing Industry of Mattress Sales"

While brick-and-mortar stores continue to face the pressure of the growing e-commerce market, it turns out that looming threat of a "retail apocalypse" may have been over-exaggerated. IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm for the retail industry, recently published a report that provided a much-needed new perspective on the so-called crisis. Though a wave of major chain store closures has caused plenty of concern in recent months, IHL Group’s research found that they were actually off-set by an increase in store openings. According to the report, there was a net increase of more than 4,000 retail store openings in 2017 - that means that for every one company closing a store, 2.7 companies were opening (read more)