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Mattress Trivia

By Dan LaVine | 06.04.2019

Here's a little mattress trivia for you!

1) The word “mattress” is Arabic in origin.

2) The root word of mattress means “to throw something down,” referring to the practice of the time of sleeping on cushions on the floor.

3) The word “mattress” was most likely brought to Europe by Crusaders. .

4) Feather beds were first invented by the Romans during the last days of the Republic. Originally, Roman mattresses were filled with reeds, hay or wool.

5) One of the most important, earliest but least considered innovations in regards to mattresses was simply raising them off the floor. This greatly reduced the number of pests and rodents that would share sleeping spaces with their intended occupants.

6) South Asian and Indian mattresses use (read more)

What are sleep cycles?

By Dan LaVine | 05.06.2019

What Are Sleep Cycles?

If you lie down on your existing mattress and close your eyes, is there any one area of your body that seems to be drawing your attention? Something like a focal point of pressure? If so, that pressure may very well have you tossing and turning all night long in a subconscious attempt to get comfortable.

In buying a new mattress, it's a great idea to consider how your body experiences pressure points, and how that pressure will affect your sleep cycle. If your body (or your brain) senses outward stimulus while you're sleeping, it will remain in a state of semi-alertness. This will very likely keep you from achieving the REM sleep so necessary to waking up refreshed and revitalized (read more)