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Serenity Side Sleeper Pillow


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In 2011 our company had evolved enough to be ‘Redefining Sleep’ on a more global scale. This growth has brought our amazing product to over 70 countries worldwide including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Serbia, New Zealand, and more. The global exposure and the excellence of our products set the stage for many important partnerships, such as our Global Partnership with the Manchester United Football Club. As the provider of all of the sleep products, a team of world-class Superstars sleeps on we have learned a lot about the importance of not only rest but also of recovery and rejuvenation. Thanks to this partnership we really are the Legend of Comfort.

MLILY originated in China and at the time of our conception, sleep was perceived completely differently by the Chinese people. They had become used to sleeping on harder, more cheaply made beds that provided zero support for their body. We entered the market with our Memory Foam product at a time when people did not understand the benefits of a proper mattress or what sleep meant for their performance. We had an uphill battle ahead of us in regard to the cultural expectations of the entire industry. Thus, the term ‘Redefining Sleep’ was born, as we set out to change a culture and perception of what sleep could be. We then began to educate the Chinese people and to present them with a product that changed their expectations of beds and just how they sleep.

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